The clown that stole the sun

Aquarius TV

A home project produced and directed by Duran

‘Shway Style’ Freestyle short film directed by Duran

A 60 second stop motion film produced and directed in Covid 19 national lockdown, by Duran for ID magazine

  Shortlisted as outstanding in Top 3 of over 500 submissions

Performance/ Styling/ Voice-over by Duran

The White Rabbit

A home film project created by Duran


Better Life

Direction/choreography/styling by Duran

Featured Dancers; Duran, Ellie, Nicola

A short stop motion animation created by Duran for ‘YUCKY’ rings Instagram content

Sad Clown

A lockdown project by Duran

Art direction/Styling and all artwork featured by Duran


Art direction/Choreography by Duran

 Featured Dancer’s; ‘Shway Style UK’ and ‘N vibe’

School of Dance: Shway Style UK

Promotional video for Gym Box

Directed/Choreographed by Duran

A Sweet Burden

A film by Naomi Ferne and Duran Abdullah

Poem/Set design/Styling by Duran Abdullah

Immorall London

Directed and styled by Duran

Dance and Nunchaku performance by Duran



Learn 2 luv yourself

Directed by Duran

Featured Dancers; Duran, Ellie